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7 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Old Website

Your website is more than just your online business entity; it is the point where your customers meet you and your brand. Hence, it has to stay updated at all costs with the current market flow and the current need for online business methods. But how can you understand if your website needs to be updated or not?

Well, this is where this post comes to your aid. Here, we as a team of dedicated web designers, will be telling you some signs that can help you understand that the time has come to redesign your website. Choosing the right company or hiring a talented freelancer to redesign your site comes later. But many brands fail to even realize when they should redesign their website. Now, we will tell you where to start.

Let’s look at the signs.

7 signs its time redesign your old website


Have you ever felt embarrassed to share your URL with someone? If yes, then that is the biggest indication that it is time for you to redesign your website. It proves how much you lack confidence in your website, and you are not confident that it should represent your brand. If that is the case, then start redesigning your website right away!


The look of your website is somewhat archaic. Well, I don’t know about anything else, but when it comes to your website, the look does matter. There is no question that the functionality of your site is equally important, but if it doesn’t look appealing to the audience, then it can hamper your overall number of visitors. According to the latest research, a website having poor design will have a poor ranking as well.


Everything has an expiry date. For your website, it can be considered as the up-gradation date. So, if you see that your site is around 5 years old, then it is better if you think about going for a redesigning schedule. Of course, there may not be any hard and fast rule behind it, but since there are so many technological advancements happening, this can be a very good practice to make some update or other every five years. In today’s world, five years can prove to be a long time to have the same kind of technology.


If you see your website is not at all mobile-friendly or responsive. Nowadays, we are always on the go, and we don’t like to face any kind of lag or buffering. Hence, most of the users will be visiting your site via their mobile devices; when they do so, the website should respond perfectly. If you wish to see your site rank higher, then you need to provide an excellent mobile experience on the website. So, instead of having a separate mobile website that has almost no responsive design is nothing but a waste of money. In the meantime, you should have a mobile-first approach and make your site absolutely responsive and up-to-date with mobile-friendly elements and unique designs.


If you see that your website is not delivering you any kind of traffic, then it is practically good for nothing. An ideal website should offer you good leads and get you the kind of conversions you expect. So, when you notice some very significant drop-offs in traffic and leads, then you need to take control of the situation. The reason can be many, but the most common is that your visitors are clearly not finding what they’re looking for on your website. This is the time when you should consider a site upgrade and get the kind of result you want.


Sometimes you need to run with the pack. So, if you see that all your top competitors have newly designed websites or if they have made some upgrades, then you should do something as well. By upgrading their sites, they will have better results than yours, and you will see your website is lagging behind. So, go for an upgrade and fight with them a fair fight.


When your data shows that your website is not offering an excellent user experience, then it is time to upgrade the site. Sometimes, you might see that users find your site to be difficult to navigate and they don’t even feel engaged with the site anymore. In such a situation, a few upgrades can save the day. Like, just improving the logo and reducing page loading time can also make a huge difference.

So, these are the seven signs you need to check before redesigning your site.

Top Things You Must Consider Before Hiring a Dedicated Mobile App Design Company

Mobile applications are ushering in a new future for all of us. This is why more and more brands are opting for this method. It has a number of benefits, and it can surely push your brands toward greater heights. But how can you do that? 

For that, one has to choose the best mobile app design company. How can you choose the ideal one? Being a white-label app development company for dedicated hiring, we truly understand how daunting it could be for a businessman like you. So, this is where this post comes to your aid. Here are some tips and tricks for you to choose the best company.

Things to Consider When Looking For a Mobile App Design Company

Understand Your Own App Requirements

Before you start looking for the best company, one has to identify your own app requirements. You must know what your application can do for your customers and the features that need to be included. 

You need to make a list of all that and then search for the company. 

Think About the Mobile App Development Budget

Next, you need to think about the app budget with your team. One has to have a very clear idea about the cost of the whole thing before one starts. Based on the budget you have, you will look for the company.

To understand if the company is on the same page with you or not, you can raise queries related to pricing like,

  • What are their rates for developing the application?
  • What are their prices as far as the recurrent services are concerned?
  • How often do you need to pay them for their services?
  • What kind of payment options are they offering you?

You Should Always Communicate Them Personally

If you are looking for the best app development company, you should never shy away from meeting the entire team and senior experts personally. This is to ensure that your mobile app must be designed and developed as per your instructions and expectations.

The moment you meet them personally and their entire development team, you can easily have a clear understanding of their work processes, workflows and their offerings.

If, however, they are based in a remote location, then you should check for video chats and phone calls. This way, you will get some valuable insights into their company and their work pattern.

You Must Settle for an Organization that is Passionate

A passionate organization will always understand and value the urgency you have. This is why when you are searching for an app development company for your requirement, make sure to find one that is passionate about the work they do. Upon meeting you, the team should be excited and motivated, and they must share ideas and also collaborate with you constantly.

This kind of attitude will help you get the necessary success and also push your business towards betterment. You should hire someone who is as ready as you are to collaborate and create something new. You can also go ahead and ask questions like if they like what they do for a living and what is their biggest motivation. Their responses will help you get some insight.

Ask for Their App Development Company Portfolio

If you wish to have the best possible growth with your apps, then you need expert professionals to join hands with you and only then will you get the results you desire. But how can you judge their potential? Well, for that, you need to ask for their portfolio and check for reviews and testimonials on other reputed sites.

By going through their portfolio, you can understand their expertise and also judge if they are capable enough to deliver what you need. 

Also, you can definitely check the quality of their work, the kind of niche they have served and also their clientele. All of that will help you understand if they fit perfectly with your projects or not. 

Fix the Timeline with the Dedicated Team

Considering the time they will be taking to complete your work is very important. This is one of the most important parts of the whole app development process. The company must be able to tell you how much time they require to build your app.

Before signing the agreement paper, you should know about the timeframe. Make sure you take this decision wisely. An incomplete app will be nothing but a waste of money and time. This will also delay the possibility of when you will be able to launch your app and cater for your audience. 

So, here are the tips you should keep in mind before settling for any app development company.

Should You Hire a Freelance Web Developer or a Dedicated Web Development Company?

When you have a website, the first thing you need to think about is how to design it properly so that it can attract the right kind of audience. Most people do it the wrong way, and that is what costs them a lot. If you wish to make it right then, you need to be streamlined with your decision.

One of the greatest confusion, in this case, is whether you should go for a certified web development company or should you go for a freelancer. Well, the answer to that question can be difficult since it varies a lot from one company to another. If you are just getting started, then freelancers can be a good option. But there are certain limitations to that mode as well. In this post, I will be sharing some advantages of hiring a freelancer and also the advantage to hire dedicated development team. Let’s get started.

Hire a Freelance Web Developer or a Web Development Company

The Advantages You Get By Working with a Freelancer

Low Cost

As I have stated before, the cost can be a reason for any company to opt for a freelancer over an agency to design its website. A freelancer will set his or her own rates. Hence you don’t have to pay for a team like you will have to for a company. If you just require a basic website to ensure your web presence, then a freelancer can be a great option.

Also, the cost can be quite less if you are just using the existing WordPress template instead of getting a custom design from scratch. For a custom design, the developer might just use paid tools like Photoshop or illustrator to create the design. This can increase the cost.

The Involvement

The involvement of the developer is another very important aspect. Any freelancer can just set their schedule, and it can never be detrimental to the timeline of the project.

An individual may just devote all of his/her time to your project and offer you the best possible result. Plus the work will also be done quite faster. However, the same cannot be said for the agency since they will have other projects simultaneously going alongside yours. This may take a long time to complete. Speaking of time consumption, this aspect is worth noticing.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Development Team or Agency?

Now, let’s look at the benefits of hiring an agency.

Subject Matter Expertise

Freelance web developers can be an expert as well, but they can never match the level of a Website development company. There you will have a number of experts at your disposal. With this feature, you will not just have quicker delivery, but you can also have the best minds in the business at work for your project. The quality of the whole thing will be visible to you.

Diverse Skillset

When it comes to the company, you will have a diverse skillset ready at your disposal. The company will have a number of professionals who can take care of multiple things at once, thanks to their knowledge and experience. So, what else do you need?


You can trust the organization completely. They have been offering these services for a long period of time, and that’s why they have become experts in it. Hence, you can surely trust them with your business and get the maximum results. Also, you will get their portfolio as well to understand their previous work and understand how capable they are actually with all this.


This is also much like the trust factor. Any certified web development company with contracts and timelines will have accountability for the actions they take on your site. They will handle everything professionally as they have different departments set up to meet with the various parts of the contract. But with the freelancer, you may not have this kind of accountability. It is more of a one-man job where he/she might not take this responsibility.

Delivery Capabilities

Any certified web development company will have a very strong delivering system, and their systematic approach will help you get things on time. Any company offering you highly qualified website developers will pledge to deliver your work on time. With a stand-alone web developer, this might pose some problems. If your desired outcome is not delivered within the time, then it can pose some other problems as well.

These are the things you need to keep in mind before you move ahead with any freelance developer or web development company.

First Things Your Readers Will Want to See on Your Website

For any business and especially the online business, the website plays a huge role in your development and growth. This is the first point of contact between your customers and your brand. No matter how much time and effort you put in to make your SEO and other marketing techniques worthwhile, it all comes down to your website. The website needs to function perfectly if you wish to achieve the best possible results. And as a reputed company for a dedicated hiring web developer, we have seen that if your website doesn’t meet a few simple yet very crucial factors, it may not get much traction.

But what do they look for when they first visit your site? Well, this is the most important side of the story. What the customers look at when they visit your site can change the way your site functions forever! Now, what are the things that you need to include? This is what this post is all about. Here are the things one has to include to get a fair result from their sites.

First Things Your Readers Will Want to See On Your Website

Line Break

Your website content is what attracts the audience in the first place. So, you need to get some easy things to make the content more readable. Even if you are using something very complex, still just by introducing some white space, you can make the whole thing much more readable.

You just need to feature one idea per paragraph and just keep them short. At max, you should keep three or four sentences at most. Also, you can introduce some paragraphs, which might just have only one sentence.

Cool Subheads

You must be able to understand how to write headlines. This is something really vital for getting them attracted to your content in the first place. Also, the subheads will keep the readers engaged. That’s why they are sometimes called “mini headlines”, and they are the ones that make the readers move through the rest of your content.

The idea is to make them a bit intriguing and, at the same time, quite informative. But make sure you are not writing something too much over the top. After writing them to your satisfaction, you should also review them and see the tools to check what the readers like about the content.

Bulleted Lists

These small dots, known as bullets, can really make the content stand out. They will make the content seem readable as no one likes to read a long paragraph unnecessarily. If you wish to grab your readers till the end of your content, then make sure to use bullets in your content.

Good Graphics

Graphics make the website more attractive, and that is why you need to add them strategically. You can also use some good captions and make them appear even more stunning with some graphic inlays. After all, a boring page will never attract anyone.

Relevant and Helpful Links

If you wish to make your website content worth visiting time and time again, then you should use internal links. They will make the content the best source of information for your readers.

A good piece of content will help expand the reader’s understanding and also add value to his time. Also, these links will make your readers find some other information easily.

Fast Page Loading Time

Who would wish to see the web page load for decades? I don’t think any visitor would prefer that. Hence, you really need to work on the page loading time and make your website super-fast.

You can also optimize the images accordingly so that they don’t make the website heavy. With a quick website and a cool interface, your site will surely attract many visitors.

Powerful Numbers

Many people think that those numbered list posts are worthless! Well, they’re not. Numbers are actually very useful to post something attractive and capture the attention of your reader.

If used correctly, you can make a post more compelling just by numbering the key points.

Mobile Optimization

Today everyone is on the go, and they wish to access your site on the go. No one carries a desktop, and very few people actually use their laptops to check out the website when they are out.

Hence your website needs to be mobile optimized, and the site should work perfectly on their phone. This can surely boost your earnings a lot.

So, these are a few things you need to keep in mind before making your site as visitors do root for them.

How to Build an Online eCommerce Store on a Tight Budget

eCommerce business is booming right now, and if you wish to start your own eCommerce store, then this is the right time. But if you have a very tight budget, then things can be a bit difficult. However, being a reputed white label web development services provider, we have seen that a big percentage of clients actually demand this.

So, when there is a demand, there must be a way. So, here we will be giving you a few tips with which you can set up your own eCommerce store even with a tight budget.

Build Ecommerce Store on Tight Budget

Make Sure To Do A Lot Of Research

Without doing proper research, no businessman can ever succeed. And if you wish to set up your own eCommerce store, then this is mandatory. Make sure to read about everything from what you can sell to how you can sell it from the very first time. If you wish to save money, then you cannot afford to make mistakes from the very beginning. So, spent a lot of time researching it.

Try To Use WordPress

When you are starting up, it is better if you use WordPress. This is perhaps the cheapest platform to start with. This platform is absolutely free to use, and there are free plugins like WooCommerce, which can help you set up your store right from scratch. The only thing you need to pay for is the domain name.

On this platform, you can also have some premium themes and extensions, but you will have to pay for them. If you are really tight with money, then just stick to the free themes and extensions. 

Use Mailchimp To Set Up Your Funnel

When you have your eCommerce store, the funnel becomes a very important part of everything. Like you can use plugins like WooCommerce to set up the front end of the funnel. But for the backend of the funnel, it is better to use email. The right email can help you convert customers very easily. 

Their many email tools out there, but since you are starting out, it is better to use MailChimp. This tool can easily integrate with WooCommerce, and you can use it for free till the time you have 2,000 subscribers. You will have to pay after crossing this limit, but when you have that kind of subscriber strength, paying that amount will probably be not so difficult.

Begin With Risk-Free Techniques Like Dropshipping

When you create and sell your own products in the very beginning, there can be a lot of risks involved. This is because you will have to invest money into creating the products, then store them in a warehouse and then ship them. Since it has a lot of risks, you can simply use drop shipping.

When you use this method, all the products listed on your website are actually manufactured, packaged and then delivered by the manufacturer. So, you will not have to take any risks. Everything will cost you very little money. So, even if all this fails, there won’t be too much of a loss. 

All you need to do is list products similar to the ones you want to create and sell. If they bring your good return, then you can replace them with your own. 

Use Methods Like Affiliate and Content Marketing

These methods can be used to drive traffic to your site. When you are just getting started, your site can use as much traffic as it gets. But as you have a tight budget, you will not be able to use ads; rather, you will have to use free/cheap techniques like affiliate and content marketing.

In this case, you will only have to pay the influencer if they make a sale. Plus, you can use this technique with content marketing techniques like blogs and lead magnets, and they will bring more free traffic. Maybe it can take a lot of time, but whatever profits you make from this technique will be yours to use for your business. When you are able to generate revenue from these affordable techniques, then you can slowly use paid techniques like advertisements where you need to make payment upfront.


So, there are some of the steps you can follow to set up your e-commerce store even with a tight budget. Once it is established and you start to generate a profit, you can easily use that money to upgrade your store’s design, funnel and other things. Feel free to let us know about your thoughts in the comments and also your story of starting your own store.

5 Useful Call to Action Plugins for WordPress to Help Improve Your Sales Conversions

A Call to Action (AKA CTA) is a very important part of your website. This is how you make your site visitors close the deal on your website or do something for your brand before abruptly leaving it. However, if your site is built on WordPress, then you can take the help of a few plugins to make your life simpler. We as a leading white label designing company, can build and customize jaw-dropping Call to Action buttons or forms for your business website or blog.

Else, here are five WordPress plugins you can surely use, when it comes to designing WordPress Call to Actions:

  1. Monarch
  2. OptinMonster
  3. Bloom
  4. Beaver Builder
  5. Opt-In Content Locker

WordPress Call to Action Plugins


If you wish to make your brand name a known word in the mass, then you will have to use social media platforms. Your site must have options for your visitors to use for sharing your content. Monarch can help you do that. This is one of the most useful social media plugins for your WordPress websites.

This plugin offers you the following benefits:

  • This plugin comes with a number of different designs for your visitors to share the content. Plus, they can make the interface very intuitive.
  • Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit or even Pinterest, here; you can use all of them.
  • The plugin is backed by a very strong R&D team, and it can offer you much more in the future.
  • To use the pro version, you need to pay $89 per year or make a one-time payment of $249.


This is perhaps one of the most compact call to action plugins for your WordPress site. This famous optimization software allows you to add a CTA to your posts and pages, but you will not have to use any code. It can help you get more and more leads and, at the same time, reduce the percentage of shopping cart abandonment.

The plugin has some very useful features:

  • It is very easy to set up for your site.
  • By using this in the proper way, you can reduce your bounce rates.
  • Using this plugin for your campaign will help you compel your visitors to take an action
  • This will also allow you to run time-sensitive campaigns, and you can fix the exact time and date as per your will.


The next one we have is Bloom. It can be used as an email opt-in plugin, and now you can effectively grow your email subscriber base. This plugin can help you place email opt-in CTAs throughout your WordPress site. You can also select a certain number of pages from your website to place your CTAs and exclude others for more targeted placement. Here are some of the features you get with it:

  • Forget about roping in a graphic designer now, as this plugin can offer you some 100 readymade plugins.
  • You can also customize these plugins.
  • With this plugin, you can also get gated content CTAs as well.
  • The information that you collect can be used with other software integrations like HubSpot, Salesforce, Constant Contact, or Mailchimp.
  • The pro version of this plugin can be used for $89 per year or by making a one-time payment of $249.

Beaver Builder

This one is a very famous drag-and-drop page builder plugin. With this one, you can revamp the design of your website. Here, you will get several modules like images, heading, CTA buttons, etc. All can be dragged and dropped on your pages.

Some features of this plugin are as follows

  • These modules are very easy to customize.
  • The CTA can be used anywhere you wish, and you can embellish it as well.
  • Plus, the buttons can also be linked with other pages, and you can customize the font styles as well.
  • Creating the buttons for your page is super simple.

Opt-In Content Locker

Sometimes you might feel like hiding certain offers behind a form or any other type of CTA, isn’t it? Well, now you can do that using the Opt-In Content Locker plugin. This plugin can restrict access to certain content to only those who subscribe to your email list. Some useful features of this plugin are:

  • This is the perfect plugin to gate your content.
  • It can also remember the users already subscribed, and accordingly, it makes the content available to them.
  • But the best part is that this plugin can never lock the SEO content created for the search engines.
  • It can also help you with email marketing, and the services can be integrated with other plugins like MailChimp, GetResponse, iContact, etc.
  • This plugin can be availed for $17.

So, there you have it, our top 5 picks for the useful call-to-action plugins. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Top 5 Simple Yet Crucial Features Any eCommerce Website Must Have

Believe it or not but eCommerce sites have really made our lives simpler. Now, everything we need can be ordered and received easily at the convenience of your home. But there are many different eCommerce websites available on the internet, and the way they are built makes all the differences between them.

So, what makes a successful eCommerce platform? Well, there are some must-have features for every such platform. Being a trusted white label designing company for multiple big eCommerce brands, let us list the top five of them for your better understanding. Let’s take a look at them.

User-Friendly Design

When it comes to a website, the design perhaps matters the most. And when we are talking about an eCommerce platform, the design is directly related to the site’s traffic. Every user visiting one such site is surely looking for a user-friendly design and satisfactory user experience.

Your eCommerce website would not do so well if the customer could not find their way around the site. Chances are high that they will leave the site very quickly due to the difficulty of navigation. After leaving, they might head to some other site that has a much simpler and user-friendly interface. Hence, one has to take some measures to create a satisfactory UX design. You can improve the customer experience by following these steps:

  • One must first create a very simple, more or less straightforward and superb quality homepage. After all, customers first visit the landing page, so it matters the most.
  • A search bar must be included at the top so that visitors can simply put it in words and locate the thing they are looking for.
  • Then you must also clearly list the category pages in the navigation bar. This way, they can easily find their way to the desired product.
  • Make sure the pages are well responsive. A website with unresponsive pages will not do much good for you.

User-Friendly and Trusted Payment Gateway Integrations

If you visit any good or reputed eCommerce website, you will find the option of integrating with diverse payment gateways. This way, the visitor is never limited to only a number of payment options. If you wish to improve the overall customer experience of your site, then it is a very crucial thing. Frankly, it can make or break the customer experience. There are many plugins that you can use to integrate several payment gateways with your online store.

  • This way, you can diversify your audience and target a wide array of audiences.
  • With multiple payment getaways, visitors will visit the site frequently, and you can reduce the bounce rates.
  • You can also reduce the cart abandonment rate just by integrating some easy payment gateways.

A Proper Order Management

Since it’s an eCommerce website, you need to have proper order management. This way, you can also simplify the process of collecting all the information regarding buyer cancellation, refunds, COD order verification, exchange order status update, and much more.

  • Proper order management can help the merchant as well.
  • He can see all the information regarding his order fulfilment.
  • He can also oversee the completion of the order value and the overall sales.
  • Lastly and most importantly, with this system in place, you can easily ship faster, cheaper, and smarter without any kind of hassle.

The Security Aspect

When you have an eCommerce website, you need to ensure the absolute security of your visitors. One has to make sure that no sensitive data like credit or debit card information is saved. Apart from that, you have to ensure that

  • All the prepaid shipments are always completed through a fully-secure payment gateway.
  • Also, the system must hash the passwords and never store them in any kind of readable format.
  • Every single webpage of the platform must have the protection of SSL.
  • Lastly, all the servers must be secured and protected using state-of-the-art services.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays, people wish to access everything on the go, and thus, your eCommerce platform must be mobile compatible. To make your site mobile compatible, you need to take care of the following aspects:

  • Make sure that the mobile view is responsive and properly accommodated
  • The page must have a low loading time because that’s how mobile-optimized sites work.
  • Once the whole site becomes very easy to browse on mobile, it can immediately increase the engagement
  • You can target a wide array of visitors with this.

So, there you have it, the five must-have things for your eCommerce website. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

5 Best and Most Trusted WordPress Security Plugins To Secure Your Blog or Business Website

If you have created your website on WordPress from any of the white label web development services, then security is surely something you need to check. But now, you can do all that very easily by using some helpful plugins. But which WordPress security plugins can you use?

Here are our choices:

  1. Sucuri
  2. Wordfence
  3. WP Cerber Security
  4. Defender
  5. iThemes Security

wordpress security plugins

Number One: Sucuri

This one is considered the best free WordPress security plugin by many experts. It works as a kind of all-in-one platform, and there are reasons why it is so popular. You can definitely use the free version, but if you wish to take things to the next level, then you should use the pro version. Here are its features;

  • Your WordPress site can be cleaned for free if it attracts malware
  • The setup is super simple
  • The firewall system can block all kinds of malicious attacks
  • You can do the scanning for malware
  • This system can keep track of everything about your site and has some advanced DDos protection.
  • It can effectively reduce server load time as well.
  • The pro version will cost you $299/year.

Number Two: Wordfence

The next one we have is WordFence, and it also comes with a number of useful features to protect your website and keep it safe from hackers. Here also, you have a basic pack and a premium pack. For a smaller site, the free package can be easily used. However, with the pro version, you get the following features:

  • It has real-time firewall protection
  • There is a malware scanner as well.
  • It can protect your site from Brute Force attacks by limiting login attempts.
  • It has its own firewall that can run on your server.
  • The smart email alert will notify you about any kind of breach
  • The price for the premium package is $99/ year for one site.

Number Three: WP Cerber Security

This one also has a free and premium plugin facility. Much like Wordfence, this one too has a number of extensive features to keep your website safe from malicious attacks. The pro version comes with the following features:

  • It prevents all kinds of unauthorized logins with its two-factor authentication
  • The firewall can prevent the brute force login attempts
  • You will get a malware scanner as well.
  • The best thing is that you can protect the forms from spamming
  • You can set up security emails to get notified of breaching
  • Apart from the free pack, the premium pack will cost you $29/per quarter.

Number Four: Defender

The Defender is another good WordPress security plugin. It has a number of plans. Like the pro version will only cost you $6/month. With that, you can take the Security & Backup Packs, which will cost you $9/month. You can also go for the Agency plan, which costs $19/month.

It comes with the following features:

  • This plugin is a very promising solution for your site. After simply installing the tool, you just need to make a few clicks, and it will start protecting your site.
  • This plugin comes with a built-in firewall that can block IPs for free.
  • Even the free versions come with malware scanners and brute-logic protections.
  • It can also send your notification for threats.
  • When you have the pro plan, it can do automated scans and even offer you some in-depth reporting of security problems.
  • The pricing will be flexible depending on how many websites you have.
  • It also has Audit Log that can track every user’s action.
  • Last but not least, it allows you to reset all the passwords once you suspect some hack or data breach.

Number Five: iThemes Security Pro

Lastly, we have the iThemes security pro for your WordPress sites. This plugin can secure your site from various security-related problems like the Brute-Force security program and others.

The pro version can offer you the following features:

  • The plugin has an integrated two-factor authentication which offers you an extra layer of security.
  • It also has very powerful password enforcement.
  • You will get notified for 404 detection and plugin scans.
  • You can even schedule WordPress backups.
  • A very good feature is that it can lock out any suspicious IP that scans for vulnerabilities. This way, the IP cannot get access to your site.
  • It can limit the login attempts and can send you email alerts to notify you about any recent file updates on your site.
  • The pro version of iThemes Security Pro will cost $80/per year.

So, there you have it, our top 5 picks for WordPress security plugins. Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Being a Team of dedicated web developer, we at SCWebTech always develop WordPress websites that aren’t only aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly but also safe and secured from the company and users’ point of view.

7 Things You Must Apply while Revamping Your Old Website

features to apply before revamping old site


Your name marks your identity, and your website marks the identity of your brand. This is the first point of connection between your brand/services and your customers.

The presentation of your website can make all the difference in your sales and ROI. Since the market is never static, you need to revamp your website in repeated intervals using the latest trends. Here, I am listing seven such trends that you can surely use for your website.

Using the Parallax Scroll Animations

This effect has been in the trend for years now, but in recent times, it has again gained huge popularity among developers. The idea here is to use the same trend with a completely new approach and in a much more creative way.

But you need to know the limits of this effect. If you overdo it, then it can create a negative impact, especially for people with vestibular disorders. Too much movement can make them feel dizzy and disoriented.

Using it moderately can give your site a new edge.

Integrating Voice Optimization

Voice shopping has already become a billion-dollar industry, and tapping this market can be very beneficial for your brand. For that, you should integrate voice optimization with your site. This way, you can improve its ranking as well.

When your site has a better ranking, you will get fresh traffic to the site every day; otherwise, no matter how much you develop your site, it will be futile.

Just use natural language processing (NLP), and you can tap this huge customer base who are very savvy with voice technology for shopping.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Using Augmented Reality can offer an immersive experience for your visitors. It will automatically improve user experience and boost the audience to frequent your site more and more. Using some technological options like WebXR API can open endless possibilities for you and make your site stand out from the rest.

Now, you can improve selling your products and improve your client’s buying experience like never before.

Using Gaussian Blur

This blur feature is the perfect option to add some soft focus to the images you have on your site. All you need to do is use this feature in places of your site where you wish to add some more prominence.

The aesthetic aspect of your site will reach a new height immediately. Just couple this effect with some bold typography, and you have something that can change the whole look of your site.

Using GIFs as Graphics

If you want to make your website content stand out and become more effective, then you need to stop using the same old stock images. To retain the attention of your readers till the last line of the post, you need to add something interesting. This is where GIFs can do the trick for you.

They will become that x-factor in your content and can retain the reader’s attention till the last line. Not to mention, this indeed enhances the user experience.

Incorporating Bold Colors

Most website developers hardly evaluate the color palette of their site. But nowadays, you need to focus on that.

Colors can leave a huge impact on your visitors, and this color palette can add to the unique identity of your brand. But what can you use?

Well, our suggestion would be to incorporate some bold and bright colors into the palate. These colors will automatically attract the attention of your audience and make your website stand out in their mind. Plus, it can make your website appear fresh and new.

Sometimes you can also use a black and white palette but coupling with bold fonts and wordings. The idea is to review your color palate every now and then to check if it is still remarkable to your audience.

How about Putting Some Emphasis on Muted Colors

Subdued colors can add a natural feel to the overall look of your website.

You can mix and match with this feature, like using a palate of subdued colors and mixing some bold colors for the text. Laying this kind of contrast throughout the site can make it appear unique and fresh.

You can use muted colors for the backdrop where you are adding important texts or illustrations. Such contrast can add so much to the design even when you have nothing too fancy on the website.

What Else?

So, there were seven of the trends that I would like you to incorporate into your site. Let me know your view on this in the comments below.