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7 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Old Website

Your website is more than just your online business entity; it is the point where your customers meet you and your brand. Hence, it has to stay updated at all costs with the current market flow and the current need for online business methods. But how can you understand if your website needs to be updated or not?

Well, this is where this post comes to your aid. Here, we as a team of dedicated web designers, will be telling you some signs that can help you understand that the time has come to redesign your website. Choosing the right company or hiring a talented freelancer to redesign your site comes later. But many brands fail to even realize when they should redesign their website. Now, we will tell you where to start.

Let’s look at the signs.

7 signs its time redesign your old website


Have you ever felt embarrassed to share your URL with someone? If yes, then that is the biggest indication that it is time for you to redesign your website. It proves how much you lack confidence in your website, and you are not confident that it should represent your brand. If that is the case, then start redesigning your website right away!


The look of your website is somewhat archaic. Well, I don’t know about anything else, but when it comes to your website, the look does matter. There is no question that the functionality of your site is equally important, but if it doesn’t look appealing to the audience, then it can hamper your overall number of visitors. According to the latest research, a website having poor design will have a poor ranking as well.


Everything has an expiry date. For your website, it can be considered as the up-gradation date. So, if you see that your site is around 5 years old, then it is better if you think about going for a redesigning schedule. Of course, there may not be any hard and fast rule behind it, but since there are so many technological advancements happening, this can be a very good practice to make some update or other every five years. In today’s world, five years can prove to be a long time to have the same kind of technology.


If you see your website is not at all mobile-friendly or responsive. Nowadays, we are always on the go, and we don’t like to face any kind of lag or buffering. Hence, most of the users will be visiting your site via their mobile devices; when they do so, the website should respond perfectly. If you wish to see your site rank higher, then you need to provide an excellent mobile experience on the website. So, instead of having a separate mobile website that has almost no responsive design is nothing but a waste of money. In the meantime, you should have a mobile-first approach and make your site absolutely responsive and up-to-date with mobile-friendly elements and unique designs.


If you see that your website is not delivering you any kind of traffic, then it is practically good for nothing. An ideal website should offer you good leads and get you the kind of conversions you expect. So, when you notice some very significant drop-offs in traffic and leads, then you need to take control of the situation. The reason can be many, but the most common is that your visitors are clearly not finding what they’re looking for on your website. This is the time when you should consider a site upgrade and get the kind of result you want.


Sometimes you need to run with the pack. So, if you see that all your top competitors have newly designed websites or if they have made some upgrades, then you should do something as well. By upgrading their sites, they will have better results than yours, and you will see your website is lagging behind. So, go for an upgrade and fight with them a fair fight.


When your data shows that your website is not offering an excellent user experience, then it is time to upgrade the site. Sometimes, you might see that users find your site to be difficult to navigate and they don’t even feel engaged with the site anymore. In such a situation, a few upgrades can save the day. Like, just improving the logo and reducing page loading time can also make a huge difference.

So, these are the seven signs you need to check before redesigning your site.

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