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How to Build an Online eCommerce Store on a Tight Budget

eCommerce business is booming right now, and if you wish to start your own eCommerce store, then this is the right time. But if you have a very tight budget, then things can be a bit difficult. However, being a reputed white label web development services provider, we have seen that a big percentage of clients actually demand this.

So, when there is a demand, there must be a way. So, here we will be giving you a few tips with which you can set up your own eCommerce store even with a tight budget.

Build Ecommerce Store on Tight Budget

Make Sure To Do A Lot Of Research

Without doing proper research, no businessman can ever succeed. And if you wish to set up your own eCommerce store, then this is mandatory. Make sure to read about everything from what you can sell to how you can sell it from the very first time. If you wish to save money, then you cannot afford to make mistakes from the very beginning. So, spent a lot of time researching it.

Try To Use WordPress

When you are starting up, it is better if you use WordPress. This is perhaps the cheapest platform to start with. This platform is absolutely free to use, and there are free plugins like WooCommerce, which can help you set up your store right from scratch. The only thing you need to pay for is the domain name.

On this platform, you can also have some premium themes and extensions, but you will have to pay for them. If you are really tight with money, then just stick to the free themes and extensions. 

Use Mailchimp To Set Up Your Funnel

When you have your eCommerce store, the funnel becomes a very important part of everything. Like you can use plugins like WooCommerce to set up the front end of the funnel. But for the backend of the funnel, it is better to use email. The right email can help you convert customers very easily. 

Their many email tools out there, but since you are starting out, it is better to use MailChimp. This tool can easily integrate with WooCommerce, and you can use it for free till the time you have 2,000 subscribers. You will have to pay after crossing this limit, but when you have that kind of subscriber strength, paying that amount will probably be not so difficult.

Begin With Risk-Free Techniques Like Dropshipping

When you create and sell your own products in the very beginning, there can be a lot of risks involved. This is because you will have to invest money into creating the products, then store them in a warehouse and then ship them. Since it has a lot of risks, you can simply use drop shipping.

When you use this method, all the products listed on your website are actually manufactured, packaged and then delivered by the manufacturer. So, you will not have to take any risks. Everything will cost you very little money. So, even if all this fails, there won’t be too much of a loss. 

All you need to do is list products similar to the ones you want to create and sell. If they bring your good return, then you can replace them with your own. 

Use Methods Like Affiliate and Content Marketing

These methods can be used to drive traffic to your site. When you are just getting started, your site can use as much traffic as it gets. But as you have a tight budget, you will not be able to use ads; rather, you will have to use free/cheap techniques like affiliate and content marketing.

In this case, you will only have to pay the influencer if they make a sale. Plus, you can use this technique with content marketing techniques like blogs and lead magnets, and they will bring more free traffic. Maybe it can take a lot of time, but whatever profits you make from this technique will be yours to use for your business. When you are able to generate revenue from these affordable techniques, then you can slowly use paid techniques like advertisements where you need to make payment upfront.


So, there are some of the steps you can follow to set up your e-commerce store even with a tight budget. Once it is established and you start to generate a profit, you can easily use that money to upgrade your store’s design, funnel and other things. Feel free to let us know about your thoughts in the comments and also your story of starting your own store.

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