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7 Things You Must Apply while Revamping Your Old Website

features to apply before revamping old site


Your name marks your identity, and your website marks the identity of your brand. This is the first point of connection between your brand/services and your customers.

The presentation of your website can make all the difference in your sales and ROI. Since the market is never static, you need to revamp your website in repeated intervals using the latest trends. Here, I am listing seven such trends that you can surely use for your website.

Using the Parallax Scroll Animations

This effect has been in the trend for years now, but in recent times, it has again gained huge popularity among developers. The idea here is to use the same trend with a completely new approach and in a much more creative way.

But you need to know the limits of this effect. If you overdo it, then it can create a negative impact, especially for people with vestibular disorders. Too much movement can make them feel dizzy and disoriented.

Using it moderately can give your site a new edge.

Integrating Voice Optimization

Voice shopping has already become a billion-dollar industry, and tapping this market can be very beneficial for your brand. For that, you should integrate voice optimization with your site. This way, you can improve its ranking as well.

When your site has a better ranking, you will get fresh traffic to the site every day; otherwise, no matter how much you develop your site, it will be futile.

Just use natural language processing (NLP), and you can tap this huge customer base who are very savvy with voice technology for shopping.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

Using Augmented Reality can offer an immersive experience for your visitors. It will automatically improve user experience and boost the audience to frequent your site more and more. Using some technological options like WebXR API can open endless possibilities for you and make your site stand out from the rest.

Now, you can improve selling your products and improve your client’s buying experience like never before.

Using Gaussian Blur

This blur feature is the perfect option to add some soft focus to the images you have on your site. All you need to do is use this feature in places of your site where you wish to add some more prominence.

The aesthetic aspect of your site will reach a new height immediately. Just couple this effect with some bold typography, and you have something that can change the whole look of your site.

Using GIFs as Graphics

If you want to make your website content stand out and become more effective, then you need to stop using the same old stock images. To retain the attention of your readers till the last line of the post, you need to add something interesting. This is where GIFs can do the trick for you.

They will become that x-factor in your content and can retain the reader’s attention till the last line. Not to mention, this indeed enhances the user experience.

Incorporating Bold Colors

Most website developers hardly evaluate the color palette of their site. But nowadays, you need to focus on that.

Colors can leave a huge impact on your visitors, and this color palette can add to the unique identity of your brand. But what can you use?

Well, our suggestion would be to incorporate some bold and bright colors into the palate. These colors will automatically attract the attention of your audience and make your website stand out in their mind. Plus, it can make your website appear fresh and new.

Sometimes you can also use a black and white palette but coupling with bold fonts and wordings. The idea is to review your color palate every now and then to check if it is still remarkable to your audience.

How about Putting Some Emphasis on Muted Colors

Subdued colors can add a natural feel to the overall look of your website.

You can mix and match with this feature, like using a palate of subdued colors and mixing some bold colors for the text. Laying this kind of contrast throughout the site can make it appear unique and fresh.

You can use muted colors for the backdrop where you are adding important texts or illustrations. Such contrast can add so much to the design even when you have nothing too fancy on the website.

What Else?

So, there were seven of the trends that I would like you to incorporate into your site. Let me know your view on this in the comments below.

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