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7 inspiring web design ideas

The website of your brand is more than just a platform for your targeted audience to interact with your services and deliverables. It is also your digital identity on the market and the only tool to make a statement about your brand. Hence, designing the website in a proper way is very important. But sometimes you might get stuck due to lack to ideas. So, what to do in such a scenario?

Well, this is where some inspiring web design ideas can help you overcome the persisting problems. But how to get them? Well, this is where this post can come to your aid. Let’s look at 7 of such inspiring web design ideas for your brand.

Use a Step-by-Step Process:

Going absolutely haphazard will not help you in the long run, plus, on the contrary, it will be all the more detrimental for your design flow. When you are actually struggling to come up with something new, you need to try and follow a step-by-step process. This way you won’t have to bust your brains out and always put yourself on overdrive mode. Rather, the step-by-step organized process will help you reduce all the unnecessary clutter from your brain.

You can also try and create your plan and use templates of them in your task management software. It can help you repurpose them in the future.

Go for a One-Page website:

Basically, when you have a one-page website, you will have to keep all the important information about your brand and company on one page. This way, your visitor can get to know everything they need to without navigating at all to other pages of your site. One very useful way to do all this is by placing all of your information on a full-screen slider. But always be careful about one thing regarding this type of design and that is; you cannot clutter the page with too much information.

Why Not Use Illustration?

If you are using custom illustrations then they can really help you establish the uniqueness of your brand. Plus, they can give your visitors an idea of the impending experience of working with your company. On the internet, there are many sites using the same kind of designs.

You can also create something like a custom-illustrated which will convey your commitment to exploring new aspects of the market you are targeting.

Use Quizzes to Make It Exciting:

Believe or not but people like interactive quizzes as it tickles their brain, curiosity and also tells a lot about themselves. Even social media pages are integrating these nowadays. The only thing you need to keep in mind in this case is that sometimes they can get a bit expensive, so it is always better to focus on just two or three custom illustrations which will be used for your main page. A great tool to achieve this can be WordPress quiz plugin.

Use an Interesting and Engaging Popup:

Yeah we know that this one is a kind of double edged sword where some find it as one of the most annoying marketing tactics on the web while some agree that this is the most effective as well. So, if you wish to use popups without annoying your visitors before they read your content the just place the popup just when somebody tries to leave your site. This way, you can get results without really bothering them at all.

Focus on One Single Element First:

Many experts believe that if you take too much time to make one single decision then you are actually getting more and more complex choices. It will be always difficult to come up with great design solutions when you have too many things to consider inside your head. So, to avoid all that, you need to focus on one element and then move forward with that. This way, you can channelize your focus on your web design process one aspect at a time.

Try to separate the first thing you think should be changed at first and then just focus on that. Once you solve that, your confidence will help you achieve the rest of them.

Work on Making It More Accessible:

You don’t know all your visitors right? So how about the ones having visual impairments and mobility impairments? Why don’t you focus on building an accessible website for them as well as it will automatically increase your reach! One of the simplest ways to do that is just using large fonts and contrasting colors.

So, here are seven of our choicest tips to get over your design-block for your website. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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